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Bear Mattress is an American mattress brand launched in 2015. Its flagship model, the Bear Mattress, is an all-foam mattress marketed to athletes and people with active lifestyles.

The 10-inch thick mattress is made with two comfort layers (2 inches of gel-infused graphite memory foam and 2 inches of polyfoam) and a high-density foam support core, all wrapped in Celliant fabric. This cover material is designed to convert body heat into infrared energy and transmit it back into the sleeper, which may help increase circulation and oxygen levels in tissue to speed recovery from physical activity.

For this review we focus exclusively on the original Bear Mattress, covering details about the construction, pricing, and performance of the mattress. Keep in mind, Bear also offers two additional models, the Bear Hybrid and the Bear Pro, which have different features and details.

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  • 100 Night Risk-Free Trial
  • Free Shipping & Free Returns
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Bear Mattress Prices

  • Twin: $500
  • Twin XL: $600
  • Full : $700
  • Queen: $800
  • King: $900
  • California King: $900

Bear Mattress Review Breakdown

The Bear Mattress is an all-foam mattress made with Celliant sleep technology, which is designed to help improve sleep and speed up physical recovery. The 10-inch thick mattresses are constructed with 2 inches of graphite-gel infused memory foam (to promote cooling) and a 2-inch poly foam layer atop 6 inches of dense polyfoam for support. A medium-profile mattress, the Bear is rated a 7 on the firmness scale, indicating a firm feel.

These layers are encased in a cover made from a Celliant textile. The soft fabric is designed to absorb body heat and convert it into infrared energy, which is then transferred back into the body. This transferred energy may help improve circulation and blood oxygen levels, which in turn can decrease recovery times. The Celliant cover is also designed to help keep the mattress cool in conjunction with the graphite-gel memory foam layer.

The Bear’s 2-inch comfort layer isn’t as thick as some other mattresses, and sleepers may notice that they don’t sink into the bed as much as they do with other memory foam mattresses that provide a more conforming, “sleeping in” the mattress feeling. Instead, sleeping on a Bear mattress creates a feeling that’s a combination of “sleeping in” and “sleeping on” the mattress.

The 6-inch high-density polyfoam layer provides even support and stability across the entire mattress, with the exception of the edges, which sink a bit more than some other mattresses.

Bear Hybrid Mattress

Bear Pro Mattress

Bear Mattress

Mattress Prices and Sizing

Compared to other all-foam mattresses, the Bear offers a great deal of value, thanks to its high quality for its price point. The mattress is available in sizes from twin to California king, as well as twin XL. The Bear is somewhat lighter than other memory foam mattresses, especially in the smaller sizes, so it’s easy to move. All sizes are ten inches deep, so standard bedding will fit just fine.

Mattress Prices and Sizing

Mattress Performance

  • Motion Isolation

    Because memory foam comfort layers are designed to absorb motion and limit its spread, the Bear Mattress scores high on motion isolation like other all-foam models.

    Testers felt very little motion transfer from sleeping partners getting in and out of bed or moving around. However, the Bear is slightly more responsive than other models, so some sleepers could feel slight motion. Some sleepers who wake easily may notice their partner’s movements, but the amount of motion transferred is typically not enough to be truly disruptive.

  • Pressure Relief

    The Bear Mattress scores well on pressure relief, and most of our testers did not experience excessive pressure buildup while sleeping, regardless of sleep position. Lighter sleepers are a small exception, with the mattress being too firm for some sleepers under 130 pounds.

  • Temperature Control


    The Bear is designed to sleep cooler than other foam mattresses, and it uses open-cell memory foam to encourage airflow. The foam is also infused with graphite gel to help absorb and dissipate excess heat.

    In comparison to other all-foam mattresses, the Bear does maintain good temperature neutrality and doesn’t get too hot. This is because, in some part, Bear mattresses don’t offer as much conforming, or the feeling of sinking into the mattress, as other models that use memory foam.

  • Edge Support

    Because of the way foam mattresses are constructed, they don’t have the perimeter firmness of a coil support layer to provide edge support. This means that you’re likely to experience sinkage when you sit on the edge of the bed, or a sensation that you’re rolling off the bed if you get too close to the edge while sleeping.

    The Bear mattress is no different and actually scored below average on edge support. Testers of all body weights felt significant sinkage on the edge of the mattress as they got in and out of bed, and feelings of “roll off.” The problem was more significant the more that testers weighed.

  • Ease of Movement

    The Bear mattress is different from other foam models because it doesn’t conform and cradle the body as much. However, it also doesn’t create the same feeling of floating on top of the mattress as other beds. This makes it somewhat easier to move around on the Bear than on other memory foam mattresses. Still, heavier sleepers tend to sink down more into the mattress, which makes it harder to move around.

  • Sex

    Memory foam mattresses aren’t typically a favorite among reviewers for sex, as they aren’t as responsive or “bouncy” as innerspring mattresses. The Bear performs better than other memory foam mattresses, as it’s less conforming and more responsive.

  • Off-Gassing

    All-foam mattresses tend to have odors at first since the foams used emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that have a distinct smell. These VOCs are generally not considered to be harmful and any smells usually dissipate within a few days in a well-ventilated room.

    The Bear mattress is no different, and off-gassing is common during the first few days. However, most reviewers note that the smell dissipates after a couple of days, and there are no lingering odors in the mattress.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers:

Compared to other all-foam mattresses, the Bear offers a great deal of value, thanks to its high quality for its price point. The mattress is available in sizes from twin to California king, as well as twin XL. The Bear is somewhat lighter than other memory foam mattresses, especially in the smaller sizes, so it’s easy to move. All sizes are ten inches deep, so standard bedding will fit just fine.

Sleepers over 230 pounds enjoyed the Bear’s balance of support and comfort. A few lighter side sleepers felt the Bear was too firm, thereby increasing pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Back Sleepers:
Back sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds will likely find the Bear Mattress comfortable, with plenty of support for their whole body without any excess pressure. Back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds are the ones who most frequently found this mattress comfortable, citing the Bear’s good balance of conforming and support, without too much sagging. Back sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds tend to really apreciate the Bear mattress, as it’s somewhat firm feel supports them enough will still allowing for a small degeree of conforming.

Stomach Sleepers:
The Bear Mattress is reasonably suited to stomach sleepers of most sizes. The mattress scores very highly with stomach sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds, and was revived mostly positive by sleepers over 130 pounds. Inadequate support is a common complaint for heavier stomach sleepers. Some heavier stomach sleepers may find that the Bear simply isn’t supportive enough in the midsection, causing it to sag and throw the spine out of alignment.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    Bear Mattresses can be purchased online at, as well as in limited sizes on Amazon. Shoppers in the New York City area can try a mattress before they buy the Bear Showroom in Hoboken, NJ, or at Sleepare in New York City.

  • Shipping

    Free ground shipping with FedEx to the contiguous 48 states and Canada. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico is available for an additional charge.

    Bear Mattresses are shipped compressed and wrapped in plastic in a 40” x 20” x 20” box. They typically arrive in 2-7 business days after ordering. The mattress fully decompresses over time once the plastic is removed.

  • Additional Services

    White Glove delivery is available in the contiguous U.S. Installation alone costs $100. Installation and old mattress removal costs $150.

  • Sleep Trial

    100-night sleep trial with a 30-night mandatory break-in period. No return shipping or restocking fees.

  • Warranty

    10-year warranty covering defects in materials and manufacturing. The cover has a 1-year warranty. Warranty provides for repair or replacement, but customers are responsible for any transportation costs.

9.6 Total Score

Since its founding in 2015, Bear has been on a mission to help active folks get better rest. With a team of sponsored athletes, medical professionals, and fitness enthusiasts, the company has carved out a unique niche in the mattress industry by marketing its products as tools for post-workout recovery. In addition to the all-foam Bear we’re reviewing here, the brand also sells a hybrid mattress as well as adjustable bases, pillows, and sheets.

  • Shoppers on a budget who want a quality all-foam mattress without a big price tag.
  • People who prefer to sleep on a somewhat firm mattress that provides some body contouring without a feeling of sinking into the mattress.
  • People who are physically active or have demanding physical jobs and may benefit from Celliant fabric technology.
  • Bear isn’t ideal for heavier individuals or most stomach sleepers.
  • The lack of edge support can be a problem if you have trouble getting in and out of bed.
  • Like most foam mattresses, the Bear can sleep hot.
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