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There’s no way around it — people have a love-hate relationship with IKEA. Whether it’s to get overwhelmingly lost in their mazes of dream living rooms or kitchen set-ups, to buy little home gadgets you never thought you would need in the $5 bin, or to enjoy some Swedish meatballs, I’ve never seen someone so excited — and stressed — to shop for their home than when it’s at IKEA.

If you’re searching for a new mattress from IKEA, we’re here to help. Skip all the meandering and continue reading.

One of the more popular products IKEA sells is its mattresses and beds. According to a nation-wide survey, IKEA ranks 4th in sales out of all furniture and bedding retailers, trailing behind big names like Mattress Firm and Walmart. That’s not too bad, considering there are only 45 IKEAs in all of the United States.

Their beds and mattresses are especially popular among college kids, who need something to sleep on without spending a lot of money. In fact, their MALM bed frame, a low, minimal bed frame is their third most popular item sold.

In general, IKEA’s approach is a bit different than many of the newer online mattress companies. With 16 different mattresses making up its line and stores disbursed throughout the United States, IKEA places less focus on online sales and more on its in-store experience. Although consumers are able to purchase their mattresses online, there are so many mattresses to choose from, making the online experience tricky. (Plus, those meatballs…). That said, we’re here to make the online shopping experience easier, so you have a better idea of what mattress could be a fit for you right from home. 

While mattresses may be one product among thousands on their product line, the company’s presence in the mattress industry is not something to ignore. In this IKEA mattress review guide, we’ll be analyzing and breaking down IKEA’s entire mattress line at a high level so you can have more knowledge on each bedding option before going online or heading to a store yourself.

1 IKEA Mattress Reviews

IKEA Mattress Reviews

There’s no way around it — people have a love-hate relationship with IKEA. Whether it’s to get overwhelmingly lost in their mazes of dream living rooms or kitchen set-ups, to buy little home gadgets you never thought you would need in the $5 bin, or ...


The following tables show comparisons between the foam, spring, and latex mattresses. Each table highlights the major functional components of each IKEA mattress.


IKEA foam beds include both memory and polyurethane foam. Memory foam is known for its deep compression support, pressure relief, and body-contouring properties, while polyurethane foam includes a combination of regular grade, high density, and high resiliency foam for a supportive and firm feel. Check out my picks for the best memory foam mattress! 

IKEA Mattress


Latex mattresses are constructed by aerating a sap-like substance that creates air bubbles. The end result is firm, bouncy support and is also known for superior firmness and pressure relief. Foam latex is also environmentally friendly since the raw materials are natural and the production process can be extremely clean.


Spring mattresses consist of lots of metal coils suspended in the other materials of the mattress. They offer a lot of bounce and good temperature control, supporting the body by pushing back a similar amount of pressure that the body applies.



If you are someone who loves soft mattresses, then IKEA is most likely not a good fit for you. According to online research, customer reviews, and other resources, a majority of IKEA mattress will fall into a medium-firmness level. Here’s a breakdown of how firm your mattress will be based on a calculation of average, high-quality reviews found online (including a review from Sleepopolis!)


Which Model Is Best for Me?

An IKEA foam mattress might work for you if ….

  • Love a good deal. (Matrand model.)
  • Need or really like a firm mattress..
  • Want to give memory or polyurethane foam a try without going into debt. (Knapstad model, which is a newer option).
  • You’re a college student who needs something quickly

An IKEA latex mattress might work for you if ….

  • You’re looking for that medium-firm feel in a mattress
  • Want airflow features like lambswool filling and holes in the latex (Myrbacka)
  • Want to try an eco-friendly mattress at a friendly price (Mausand)
  • You have a partner and want to limit how much of their tossing and turning you feel for the sake of your relationship and world peace

An IKEA innerspring mattress (and an all-coil option) mattress might work for you if ….

  • You prefer a medium-firm to firm mattress that distributes your weight evenly.
  • You need good edge support because you share your bed and don’t want any sagging
  • You like the feel of coils, especially fancy, double-layered coils (Hesstrun, Hjellestad)
  • You’re looking for a mattress that’s better equipped for sex.
  • You need something thinner for a daybed (Husvika)
  • You like sleeping high up, like 17 inches above your foundation (Holmsbu)

IKEA Buying Experience

Trial Period and Returns

IKEA gives you 365 days to road test their mattresses. We’d normally be crowing that you need “at least 30 days” to get used to a new mattress, but IKEA is way ahead of us on this one. If you send it back within 365 days and can produce the original receipt, they’ll give you a refund. IKEA’s return policy allows you to it for no fee, with your ID and the original receipt, to any IKEA store. You can arrange a pickup by calling IKEA. They’ll tell you how much it will cost and help you schedule the exchange.


IKEA offers a 25-year limited warranty on mattresses that covers defects in materials and workmanship. This applies only to the original purchaser in the U.S. only, who has the original receipt. And it applies only to certain materials in the mattresses: the pocket springs in innerspring versions, the foam in a foam mattress and the latex in the latex models.

Shipping and Delivery

IKEA with UPS Ground or Common Carrier (another delivery service). Most orders take two days to process, but you’ll receive an estimated delivery date at checkout. (It’s not a guaranteed date!) IKEA delivery starts at $59, but it varies based on their schedule and how far you live from an IKEA store. Same thing for expedited delivery, which starts at $64. One cool thing: If you’re ordering other items, the price they quote you will cover all of your items. It’s a base price per order, not per item. They’ll even bring all of your stuff into the house (not just to the door). 

For anyone who hates waiting eight hours for the cable guy, the electrician or the HVAC man, IKEA offers four-hour delivery windows. Once you receive your mattress and unpack it, IKEA says it will take roughly 72 hours to reinflate.

Financing (if applicable)

You can get financing through the IKEA Projekt credit card with 0% APR for 6, 12 or 24 months depending on how much you spend. No annual fee or penalty if you pay it off early. You can also finance your mattress purchase via the IKEA Visa credit card. This one acts more like other credit cards in that it earns you IKEA points towards rewards with every purchase.


You can purchase IKEA products online on the store website or in the actual store. You can also find IKEA products on Amazon and a handful of other third-party sellers, usually for a higher price. 

9.1 Total Score

It’s near impossible to rate every single IKEA mattress since there are 16 to choose from. However, I did find general themes among the different foam, latex, and spring mattresses, so take note of these pros and cons if you’re seriously considering going with IKEA:

  • Affordability. All IKEA beds are priced below market average, and the most expensive one still comes in below $1,000. This is why IKEA mattresses seem to be popular among college students who are working with a tight budget or need a temporary bed solution.
  • Convenient returns. As long as you have your receipt, you can return your mattress hassle-free. (Though getting the IKEA mattress back to the store can certainly be a pain.)
  • 365-night sleep trial. IKEA’s “Love it or Exchange it” return policy is a pretty good deal, allowing you to “risk-free” try a mattress and then exchange it for another one if you’re not satisfied.
  • 25-year warranty. While normal wear-and-tear is not covered under this warranty, 25 years is a pretty nice amount of time to protect your purchase.
  • Limited size options. Most IKEA beds (minus the ones for kids) only come in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, And King. While these are usually the most common mattress sizes, you don’t have as many options as other mattress brands that offer upwards of eight or nine sizes to choose from.
  • No options below ‘Medium’ firmness. Like we mentioned above, all of these mattresses will be a medium level of firmness at a minimum. If you like super-soft beds, you are probably not going to enjoy an IKEA mattress.
  • Below-average durability. Many customer reviews said that their bed would sag quite quickly or tear easily. Unfortunately, it looks like there might be a correlation between price and quality.
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